Heel Pro Evolution

Advanced Heel Off-loading device

For everyone who is at risk of developing heel pressure injuries or that has an existing heel pressure injury: the Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is your choice. The Heel Pro Evolution helps with the prevention and treatment of heel pressure injuries by superiorly lifting the heel, using an advanced offloading technology. Recommended by the world leading pressure injury advisory panels (NPUAP & EPUAP) and supported by our partner Vicair, the Heel Pro Evolution is an excellent Heel Offloading Device for every client.

Maximum Comfort

Every client needs comfort. Our focus is on every client that has to deal with the prevention and treatment of heel pressure injuries. We want them to be as comfortable as possible while their heel is being protected and/or treated. Our heel protectors are also very comfortable and safe to sleep with.

Lightweight air therapy & Anatomical fit shaped

Heavy, big, complicated medical devices can be a struggle for clients and caregivers. Especially when they need to use them or work with them on a daily basis. Therefore the Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is a lightweight solution. With less than 0.1kg / 0,40lbs in weight and use of unique air filled SmartTubes the featherweight Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel protectors is a relief for foot and care.

Protection against shear and friction forces

The exterior of the Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel protector is made of an ultra-smooth high quality fabric to protect the skin during use. We have specifically chosen this fabric to reduce the damaging influence of shear forces on the client’s skin tissue. Knowing that clients sometimes move their legs while lying in bed – creating extra shear and friction – we’ve made sure to also close the Heel Pro Evolution’s heel area with smooth textiles for extra skin protection.
Please note: We follow the EPUAP guidelines that say that a heel protector must be removed in order to inspect the heel the correct way.

Use: Easy & Simple

The Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is very easy to use and to work with. Once you have received the product you can directly apply it without any preparations. No further maintenance needed. The client can easily take it home or take it to another care facility and continue to use it without any difficulties.

Hygiene: Washable

Completely machine washable at 60 °C (140 °F).

Size: Available in 3 size

The Heel Pro Evolution comes in 3 sizes. Small, Standard and XL.

    • Smaller than 38 cm we advise our Small size.
    • Till 43 cm we advise our Standaard size.
    • From 43 cm we advise our XL versie.

Ability to walk on

It is safe to walk small distances with our heel boots (for example, transfers our walking from bed to toilet without removing the Maxxcare heel protector).

Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel protector
  • Provides superior prevention of heel pressure injuries. 
  • Is an effective tool for the treatment of heel pressure injuries. 
  • Increases comfort while sleeping.
  • Increases mobility while not limiting the individual any further.
  • Lowers nursing time and costs over time.
  • Pressure relief on heel
  • Stays in place around the foot
  • Ideal for use in community care and long-term care settings
Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel protector

The Heel Pro Evolution heel boots contain air-filled Smart Tubes that are developed on Vicair Technology. By using this innovation, we can offer clients and caregivers a heel protector driven by advanced and innovative technology that provides a comfortable, lightweight, and effective solution to work with.