Task Force Health Care

Task Force Health Care (TFHC) is the platform for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector since 1996. Our network consists of partners from industry, knowledge institutes, NGO’s, healthcare providers and the government. These partners provide innovative and sustainable solutions to global (and local) healthcare challenges and are active all over the world. In the last decade we visited and maintained relationships with more than 30 countries and created a sustainable & special particular focus on: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East.

TFHC Partners are looking forward to broadening and strengthen their network!


To improve healthcare together by connecting the right people.


Vicair was founded in 1993 and has ever since been working on improving our technology, products and expanding our range.

It all started with an invention by Huibert Pollmann in the Amsterdam Rehabilitation Centre. He believed that in order to sit comfortably in a wheelchair you need high quality pressure redistribution and stability, and he thought air was the best way to achieve this. His vision included separating air into small packages that can move alongside and interlock one another, resulting in optimal pressure redistribution and stability – SmartCells were ‘born’.

Vicair used Huibert’s invention and turned it into a product, and eventually a product range.

Years later, Vicair BV has turned into a world player in seating and positioning products. We are proud of the fact that our SmartCell-filled wheelchair seat cushions and back support cushions can be found in wheelchairs of many individuals all over the planet.

We strongly believe that air is the best medium to redistribute pressure and through our air-based technology we are able to manufacture the most high quality wheelchair cushions for pressure ulcer prevention and stability. Vicair now offers a complete range of wheelchair seat cushions and back systems of the highest quality. Additionally, we offer pressure- and pain relief mattresses for those who are confined to bed.