Maxxcare is the manufacturer of heel protectors. Completely focused on prevention and treatment of heel pressure injuries. The first Maxxcare product was brought to life in 2009 by our CEO Max Rogmans and his product development team. Pressure injuries are a worldwide problem and that there is a lot of care going towards these wounds.  

Looking into the issue of pressure injuries further, we have learned that pressure injuries can be a very costly and painful thing to have that can have a major impact on one’s physical, mental and/or social well-being. We learned that there were some solutions available, but most are uncomfortable, too big- and bulky and/or even creating more risk/harm to a patient. We could not believe there was no product on the market that could be superior during prevention, treatment and be comfortable whenever in bed. 

Therefore, we started to develop our own medical devices and came up with the Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution. An excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure injuries. A simple idea that makes a lot of impact and reinvents the care for our vulnerable heels. Not only this, Maxxcare is working hard to increase awareness and seriously engage in education in pressure injuries. 

We are today a proud manufacturer of our heel protection devices that gives superior offloading and protection on individuals heels with great success so far all over the world. Moreover, we have already proven to save thousands of euros by switching over to Maxxcare’s during the prevention and treatment of individuals at risk or suffering from already existing heel pressure injuries. While both offering our products towards community care and hospital care settings, we will continue to create awareness worldwide for this painful problem and will always look for solutions to increase the health-related quality of life and increase healthcare with our innovative and well-trusted products.  

‘’It is our vision to have a world without pressure injuries’’ 

The Maxxcare Team,