Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel protector

The Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is our heel offloading device. A multi-solution made for use in a full spectrum of care. Our product provides excellent comfort, pressure relief, quality care for the prevention and treatment of all heel pressure injuries. We have specifically designed our innovative Maxxcare heel protector as an effective intervention tool to elevate the heels and provide optimum protection against the development of painful and costly heel pressure injuries.

Heel Pain and Pressure Injuries

Heel pressure injuries are the second most common place where pressure Injuries can occur. because of the autonomy of our heels, the weight of the foot bone is balancing on a very compact area which can instantly become a risk when being limited in mobility, bed-bound or non-ambulatory. Besides the high costs related to the treatment of the wounds, suffering from a pressure injury can have an enormous impact on someone’s health-related quality of life.

Reinventing the heels with heel protection

Our solution is simple but most effective. The product is both valuable to help prevent your client from developing heel injuries and as a valuable resource in the treatment if someone is already experiencing an existing heel pressure injury. We do this by following the International Guidelines on pressure injury prevention and treatment (EPUAP, NPIAP, PPPIA) with all our products by providing everyone with a safe solution while also looking at the best comfort during use.

Finding your Maxxcare connection worldwide

We want to reach out to every individual, facility, and care organization worldwide as we think our solution will benefit the healthcare situation wherever it is applied. Whether you are a caretaker, purchase department, or/and someone who needs our Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel boots for heel protection and for the prevention or treatment of a heel pressure injury, feel free to contact us. A Maxxcare team member will contact you as soon as possible! We would be happy to connect you with our closest distributor to assist you with your request and/or question.