Heel Pro Evolution

The Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is an advanced medical device for single-client use. It provides excellent comfort, pressure relief and quality care for all clients at risk of developing pressure injuries in the vulnerable heel area.

We have specifically designed our Heel Pro Evolution as an effective intervention to help prevent your client from developing heel injuries and is a valuable resource in the treatment of existing pressure ulcers.


Advanced Heel Offloading Device

Completely offloads the heel and provides superior Heel Pressure Injury Prevention.

Maximum Comfort

Excellent safety and comfortable experience.

Protection against shear and friction

Offers maximum protection against shear and friction forces and prevents pressure on the Achilles Tendon.

Lightweight air therapy

Best option for the redistribution of pressure.

Machine Washable 60 C / 140 F

Easy to use and fully machine washable at 60 degrees.

Our Smart-tubes


Heel Pro Evolution

Advanced Heel Off-loading device

For everyone who is at risk of developing heel pressure injuries or that has an existing heel pressure injury: the Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution is your choice

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Maximum Comfort

Every client needs comfort. our focus is on every client that has to deal with the prevention and treatment of heel pressure injuries on a daily basis

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Lightweight air therapy & Anatomical fit shaped

With less than 0.1kg/0,40lbs in weight and use of unique air filled SmartTubes the featherweight Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel protectors is a relief for foot and care

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Protection against shear and friction forces

The exterior of the Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution heel protector is made of an ultra-smooth high quality fabric to protect the skin during use

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Use: Easy & Simple

Once you have received the product you can directly apply it without any preparations

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Hygiene: Washable

Machine washable at 60 C / 140 F

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Size: Available in 3 sizes

The Heel Pro Evolution comes in 3 sizes. Small, Standard & XL for bariatric patients

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