Heel Pro Evolution

The Element of Air

Air is the best medium for the redistribution of pressure. But working with air usually has two mayor disadvantages: Air is unstable and air leaks. With the invention of the Vicair SmartCell – on which the Maxxcare SmartTubes are based – Vicair tackled both issues and made it possible to effectively work with air.

Maxxcare SmartTubes

The Heel Pro Evolution’s air-filled SmartTubes are based on this award-winning Vicair Technology. By using this innovation we are able to offer clients and caregivers an advanced heel offloading device that is comfortable, lightweight and easy to work with.

25 years of experience

Vicair started in 1993 with a small group of people and has now become a successful business organization operating worldwide. Not long after their start Vicair was awarded the grand prix at the ‘Salon International des invention de Genève 1995’ for the invention of the Vicair SmartCell.

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